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Gadget, Max, and WikiWiki (WikiWiki is the one in shades).
WikiGnome? … what’s that?


Hi. My name is Tegan Dowling, and I’m a WikiGnome.

My professional mission

It is my greatest wish, and constant motivation, to help others harness the power of developing technology to further the pursuit of:

So…yeah. I’m a WikiGnome.

I was born that way. That certainly doesn’t mean I’m an expert in everything wiki, but I am an expert user ( that's user, not programmer or developer) of the PmWiki version of wiki websites, and I’ve trained a lot of other people to use wiki, too. When I have a reason to learn a software product, I pretty quickly gain user-level mastery of most of its finer points. My challenge has always been to find a way to make that be part of my job description. Thank the gods for letting me live in the age of wiki!

So I welcome you to this site; it may not have much dynamic content unless someone else comes along who wants to play - I’m not a blogger - but I hope I can use it as a container to collect and organize wiki-related material.

Please read below and check the links on the sidebar for the page(s) you came to see, and please let me know if you have any difficulty finding your way around. — Tegan Dowling

Don’t know about Wiki Websites?

This site is a wiki. It’s pretty much like any other, garden-variety website, except that it is designed to be

For more information about wikis, Read on.

Need one?

You can have a wiki, too. Then you’ll have a website with content that you can maintain yourself.

Really! You will have a website
with Content that YOU can Maintain Yourself.

You won’t have to wait for your webmaster, who may be

  • a volunteer (hard to reach and slow to act) or
  • high-priced (therefore seldom-contacted)

to get changes made. You just click “Edit” and make the changes yourself.

I co-founded Emergency Digital, Inc., which is now operated by the The School Factory. The School Factory is a non-profit organization here in Milwaukee, and is best known for its creative resource center Bucketworks. James Carlson, executive director of The School Factory, was my partner in founding Emergency Digital. We have been creating and hosting wikis, and training their users, since May of 2005.

We can make one for you. Just ask .

Want to talk wikis?

Post something on the Wiki Talk page. Or send an email to .

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